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Back in 1999, a small group of us found each other on the web... being enthusiasts of both "traditional" hot rods AND aircooled VW's, we had long grown tired of seeing the same old "bolt-on custom" jobs day in and day out.

So in 2002... inspired by the true father of the Volksrod - Mr. Kent Fuller, the rolling creations of "Big Daddy" Ed Roth, as well as the visions of artists Steve Stanford and Thom Taylor, and without a doubt, Fred Hidalgo and his creation of the "Stinkbug"... we wanted to create an online home for those who think outside the box and have the creativity to realize that a VW designed in the 1930's is just as good "hot rod fodder" as an old Ford designed in the 1930's... and the great folks of this community own, build and drive BOTH.

So here we are... and proud to say... home of the greatest community of hot rodders and VW folks around!
Owners / Administrators
I'm a stay at home wife, mother, sister, best friend, witch and a bitch if you piss me off.  I like old automobiles, raised in a body shop, ain't afraid to work on them, paint, draw, broke, still married.  2 boys, don't know who's they are, can't be ours, they have nothing in common with us.  A few cats, dogs, and rabbits.  A bunch of automotive debris.

I love dragons, mystical-mythical shit.  Love purple, a purple car, with a flaming dragon on it, hence the name purplemyth.  I generally play well with others but will flame you if provoked.

I'm fun loving, like walks on the beach, walks in the woods, long drives, NASCAR, can hunt and fish, like a bit of alcohol once in a while, chocolate and sweet tea.  Recently quit smoking.  Country music (new and old), and southern rock music.  Jeans and tees, hate dresses.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, 115 lbs average, 5'3" (after the chiropractor visit lol!) still got the curves, or at least he says so.  Is this TMI?  lol!
Hobbies:  pinstriping, lil bit of airbrushing, gardening, woodworking.

Since joining VolksRods, I have gone from sweet lil innocent shy girl next door to outspoken trouble maker and CRAZY just like the rest of you! But then you all knew that.
ThrasherBill and I'm Canadian, eh.
Lived on the Wet Coast my whole life.  Got into VW's by accident when I needed cheap transportation and that quickly evolved into a $35,000 show bug.  Stumbled into the Volksrodders section on the STF and saw a matte blue oval from England in Volksworld magazine around the same time and
knew that had to be the next project.  

 I picked up a rolling '57 shell and ended up with what is now and forever known as "Herr Pie" thanks to the kind folks here on  I am a certified auto trimmer by trade but am currently working for one of the largest VW mail order houses doing photography and sales.  Also try to make some spare cash doing some pinstriping on the side.  

Other than VW's I dig early 50's American customs and ridiculously fast motorcycles.
As friends back in high school... we spent lots of time hanging out, sneaking into town at lunch... and flipping each other a LOT of shit.  Me tormenting her endlessly about her Duran Duran and Tacoma Stars obsessions...  her insisting that I was an obnoxious asshole (whatever...).   
For some reason... over 20 somethin' years later... she married me.

Our kids all have 4 paws and are all spoiled rotten.  3 pugs, a bearded dragon, and more leopard geckos than we can count... and I guarantee any one of 'em behaves better than your spawn, so shaddup.

As far as our hobbies/interests go:

Steve:   I'm a Polack born in Jersey, now living in Illahee, WA.  I love my wife, awesome family and my friends.  I dig old hot rods, 50's kustoms, mid-century atomic-age stuff, old house restoration, and animals (well, except cats... cats shit in a box, then put their feet in it).  I have a '54 Mercury, a '59 Oldsmobile, a '73 Ford F-100, and a '62 VW roadster pickup.   You can always find me on the search for cool bits from the 50's era and earlier.   Whether it's car stuff or something for the house... I have a huge passion for that era.  I truly believe we'd be hard pressed to see that innovation and style that era brought us, again in our lifetime.  I'm also a big time fan of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth... the man was a genius and the definition of "thinking outside the box".
Connie:   Born and raised in WA.  I love my husband, my great family, and all our 4 legged little critters.  Little did Steve know, I had a huge crush on him the whole time we were hanging out in high school... and he was just too stupid to realize it.  Yep, he's Polish.  I'm a HUGE Seattle Seahawks fan (Go HAWKS!).  I really enjoy photography, working on logo and web design, and raising/breeding leopard geckos.  I'm fairly new to this big VolksRods family and I'm amazed at how welcoming everyone has been.  Can't wait to meet more of our members in the future!
Hi, my name is Rob and I am a Volksaholic!
There has been a Volkswagen in my family since I was 4 years old, and I still own that car.  Tore the car apart for body and paint and then life got in the way.  Twenty years, a happy marriage and two kids later, it is still a project, but it is getting closer to garage time!  During that time I owned a couple other bugs: the Volkstruck, the shiny '58 bug and now the slammed '64 vert.

I also have a love for old American iron.  My father in law and I built him a 1930 Tudor sedan many years ago, was more of a resto rod so not my style.  A car that I really miss was my '68 Camaro SS.  A four speed and a 4.10 posi rear made for some fun!  I also have the start of a 1931 Model A roadster project.

I also enjoy home remodeling.  I have redone four kitchens, built two offices, gutted and remodeled 4 bedrooms, and have done a couple of bathrooms.

I have worked for the same company for 21 years now and have gone from delivering mail when I started, and now I have designed and helped to oversee the construction or remodel of five different lab sites totalling about 350,000 square feet of laboratory and office space on the West coast.
Born in Little Rock, AR, been here since.  Made it through high school, somehow in '95.  Attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where I earned my BS in Management Information Systems.  Currently employed by a large size local based construction management firm as the systems administrator.

My first VW was a '70 Walker Dormobile (bay window).  Traded it for a '72 Super (the Dormobile was alot of work).  Then traded the SB for a '66 Beetle. Ran around in that for 6 years as my daily driver.   Ended up with a few projects here and there.  Currently I own a '61 Single Cab, the Rum Runner, a '61 Beetle, the Tiki Tub, and a '63 Beetle.

Married in May of '08 to my friend since the 8th grade, 1991.  We live in Maumelle, not far from Little Rock.  Plans are for Heather to go back to college to be a teacher.  My plans are to create a new position within my current company where I will be the IT coordinator/manager on all our jobs.
Born in the deepest darkest parts of a place you don't want to go, Maryland.  I started out being the product of my father's desire to get into my mother's 1970's panties in the back of his 73 beetle.  There are few places less comfortable to be conceived in than the back seat of a 73 bug... and people wonder why i have an attitude and a sweet spot for all things VW.

In my younger years I worked as an international pudding taster for Russian militants.  They never could get butterscotch just right.  Shortly after the cold war ended I became an inventer.  I created a wet substance that would quench the thirst of millions upon millions.  Unfortunately, I didn't patent it and it was stolen from me.  You may have it in your home now... I called it "Garfunken Wiisnet".  The bastards that stole it decided to rename it "Dr. Pepper".

In 2008 I decided to re-invent the wheel.... decided I could not do better
so I built a 4 wheeler out of VW parts instead.  I decided that I did not need brakes and that a nearby curb would work... unfortunately I overestimated my ankle's ability to absorb the impact.

And now recently I started to think about better, easier ways for people to lose weight... I had my appendix removed by an Itaian midget mime.  Great man, if only he could get away from that invisible force shield box some evil bastard keeps putting him in.  With this operation I lost 8 ounces.  I believe for my next weight loss I will have my left lung, right testicle, and half my intestine removed.  Go big or stay home.