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Cat Box May 6th, 2009 09:05 PM

24th Annual NW Bug Run

Rose City Volksters Present: 24th Annual North West Bug
May 30th, 2009 at Woodburn Dragstrip

Gates open at 8:00
Registration 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Show 'N' Shine 8:00 Am - 2:00 PM

Adults $15
6-14 Years $5
Under 6 free

Show Cars $20
Swap Space $20

Racers $25
prices for car show, swap and racer includes car and driver only.

hope to see you there. if you come stop by the blow up motor board and say hi :hello:that is where i will be posted throughout the day.


thanks to purplepeopleeater for making this thing work for me, here is the flyer at the top and somewher down in the middle too.

thanks again!:hello:

cdscowboy May 6th, 2009 10:08 PM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
I think I might try to make it this year! We'll see how the progress on the bug comes, though.

Cat Box May 7th, 2009 05:58 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
there is no requirement to drive a vw to the show...just a longer walk from the parking area.

be there or drive a square.

phrase stolen directly from this site, thanks

cdscowboy May 7th, 2009 09:20 PM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
I'm not getting the bug ready for the show...I want to have it running/driving by the 4th of July (for the show we're sponsoring), so I might need all the time on Saturdays that I can get! Maybe I could swing out there earlyish and then work the rest of the day...

VWZOMBIE May 8th, 2009 12:19 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
Engine blow last year really blew!

Cat Box May 11th, 2009 04:35 PM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
yup i agree.

i had nothing to do with it though besides selling the tickets. this year we picked up another engine so it should go a little better....longer.

Cat Box May 13th, 2009 06:01 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
i asked about the blow up motor last night at the meeting and it is in the trailer and going to be run tested tonight to be sure if there are any glitches they should have them worked out by the show.

the blow up motor also raises money for a local charity and this year it is the local chapter of the MS society. in my house MS means Medically Screwed in others it is for Multiple Schlerosis (sp?) and my wife is affected by it along with a couple of other of my club members.

please stop by and help support them as it is a great cause.

Still learnin May 14th, 2009 07:33 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
even thou no one knows me and this is my first post i will try hard to be there if anyone from the oly area is going down i would love to cruz with you, becouse it is fun & if i break down there are people to look over my sholder & tell me what to do. MS is a great cauze & i will deff pony up some cash! cdscowboy just hor your self out and bring a few guys home with you from the show to make up for lost time!

Cat Box May 15th, 2009 05:57 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
there should be a trail of VW's heading down from that area as we attended the Cruise for the Cure and handed out a few hundred flyers.

thanks for the support with the MS stuff as they directly affect me and my family.

purplepeopleeater May 15th, 2009 06:20 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
I'll be in the swap area, look for this...

Cat Box May 16th, 2009 09:05 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
we have room for that.

the whole show will have a different flavor this year...

and i will look fer ya if i get to have a break from my post. i usually wear my VR shirts to the event but this year we are supposed to wear the new show shirt.

i have the flyer on my 'puter but i dont know how to post it. it is a adobe file and im not that good with this here thing quite yet. the flyer is swell and it is also on the shirt. i have a feeling it will sell out.

see ya there!

purplepeopleeater May 16th, 2009 10:58 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
CB, you helping with the show?

Are they pre-registering this year? I wanted to camp on friday night but it looks like I gotta pay for the race event happening in order to camp at the track.

I just wanna make sure I got my ends covered. I should I have a decent amount of stuff for the swap. lotta odds and ends.

purplepeopleeater May 16th, 2009 11:00 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
Ohh, I also have the show a plug on my front page on my website...

You can email me the flyer and I'll post it here and on my website...

Cat Box May 16th, 2009 02:51 PM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
i think i sent the pdf to you. let me know and if yo could please post it here also i woyuld be very grateful.


purplepeopleeater May 16th, 2009 03:16 PM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run

Cat Box May 16th, 2009 03:27 PM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
all i see is the red X

Cat Box May 16th, 2009 03:27 PM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
sure no just after i said that i pops up.

thanks the man.

soulrider May 20th, 2009 09:35 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
hey cat box, you already know this but, the "poor Bastards" will be there, my bus is up and running I am SO looking forward to this show, I missed last year. probably see you Fri. night.

VWZOMBIE May 20th, 2009 09:47 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
AirCooledMisfits will b there!We should be getting the PACK together and cruizin in the morn!:driving:I look way cooler than this guy? (anyone around Eugene?)

Cat Box May 21st, 2009 05:47 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
sweet like i said before i will be at the blow up board most of the day and my car will be somewhere near there at our clubs parking area. its not hard to miss as its the only super...

for those in the portland area looking tocaravan the morning of here is the info,1312.0.html

it should be a good time this year.


buginu2 May 26th, 2009 08:47 AM

Re: 24th Annual NW Bug Run
Here is a map of the anticipated show layout this year: plan.pdf

2009 RCV Secretary

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