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Ozrod April 1st, 2020 10:20 PM

Volksrod/buggy pedal powered?!
Time has flown, ten years ago nearly I saved this old J & S buggy
from the clutches of a brutish Banyan tree that was going to gobble
up the old thing. The pan was gone to rust heaven, managed to save
a few parts from the motor, what’s left of front end and transaxle
are still at the whims of nature in the bush.

As found…..

As she sat under a tarp for nearly ten years……..

Been thinking and talking about doing this for an age, finally got the
time, no work, so getting into it, she is going to be a worm burner,
down with the snakes, as in low!

Will be two person pedal powered with a central VW steering wheel
so both occupants can share the driving. Will have brakes but only on
the rear wheels of which there will be four, two driving, two coasting.

Been hoarding (collecting) bits for her for a while, some old school
head lights found in a junk shop, front bar scored at the local dump.
Made up the windscreen from an old windy frame, can fold down
safari style.

Probably obvious, she's a bit heavy so have made her so the buggy
body can come off and she can go as just the frame. Really want to
keep the VW flavour, steering wheel, badges, chasing up some ratty
hub caps, more on this later…..

SCOTTRODS April 2nd, 2020 05:07 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
She looks like a sad Cat Fish.... but kinda neat. Keep the work up and show your progress...

alykat April 2nd, 2020 05:08 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Oh, this is looking like fun !

V8Transporter April 2nd, 2020 08:04 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Weight wise, the low center of gravity should make for great handeling. What a cool project!! Makes most of ours look stock.🤔😀😀

Bugula April 3rd, 2020 09:03 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Good thing Australia is pretty flat. Lol

marnat3 April 3rd, 2020 03:35 PM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
:chillin:I really like this.:chillin:

Ozrod April 25th, 2020 09:32 PM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Thanks folks getting there with a long way to go........

So after a couple of big days finally got the rear end sorted, originally had the
drive wheels out beyond the body. Revised this they now sit nicely in the space
where the VW engine would have sat. So in a sense have the motor where it
should be! Next sort out the chain drive, plan is to have two idlers up to the pedals.

The outer wheels take some of the load, hoping most of the weight comes onto
the middle drive wheels, all four have suspension, outers leaf springs, inners
coils. Scored the outers off a children’s pram, the inners off an old school
suspension mountain bike.

After the drive system is sorted front end and steering.

Any tips, criticism gratefully accepted.........?

alykat April 26th, 2020 04:17 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Bit by bit and you will be off and driving soon.

V8Transporter April 26th, 2020 10:02 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
The idea of having the ‘drive wheels, in the ‘engine compartment, is just cool. Can’t wait to see the buggy hurtling down the road.

Ozrod June 12th, 2020 11:26 PM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Don't know about hurtling she's going to be heavy so more of a
cruiser I guess.

Whooohooo we have some progress, control as in steering in,
also revisited the front end. Was going to have a rigid front end
but thought what the heck, had the bits so went with suspension,
see how she goes, if work out couple of bolts and she goes back
to a solid set up!

So you can steer her how about propulsion, mocked up the pedal
position, the way things are looking they will sit lower.

As I said up the top want to keep the VW theme rolling, so first VW
bit a ratty 60’s steering wheel.

I live very isolated so part of life is fixing and making things with what you have.
As with most things I’m on a budget so best thing about this build so far what I’ve
spent. Only items I’ve laid out cash on, some welding rods, the tyres, some spring
washers and the steering wheel, all the rest scrounged from local tip, gotta be happy
with that!

V8Transporter June 13th, 2020 07:47 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Your project is pretty amazing. Can’t wait to see her on the road!

Ozrod June 20th, 2020 09:46 PM

Volksrod/Buggy pedal powered?!
After a couple of big sessions we have a drive train and it works! As I have stated have been
concerned about the weight with the buggy body. Story within itself scored a bonnet locally
in great condition, so now we have a Volksrod!

Also had concerns about the gearing and brakes, no worries with the gearing plenty low
enough to get going and cruise, if anything will probably have to gear her up a couple of
cogs. Brakes are better than expected as well, all four rear wheels have brakes which helps,
operated from a lever mounted outside the seats, emergency braking Fred Flinstone style!

Plan to run her without the front bar maybe rig up a small nurf bar, pretty happy with where
she’s at, looks like a Volksrod?!

V8Transporter June 21st, 2020 06:42 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Looks like a Volksrod? Oh yeah! Love the ‘blue bonnet. My favorite color.😁😁

kustomkreep86 June 23rd, 2020 04:01 AM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
This is pretty cool. I just finished up a little pedal car hot rod for my daughter.

V8Transporter June 23rd, 2020 12:34 PM

Re: J & S buggy pedal powered?!
Looks like a ‘pedal powered’ version of the
‘Little Red Wagon’ drag racer of the ‘60s...’70s?🤔🤔

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