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tattooed_pariah July 3rd, 2013 06:07 PM

Effigy's history
So for as long as I've been a member here, I've liked that our "intro" threads are our own, no one can clutter them up with nonsense, but at the same time, I don't think they get viewed nearly as much as this section of the board, and anytime I have a question, I wind up making a new thread here anyway, so I decided to shift some of it here to open up the floor for questions I may have, or others may have..

Since there isn't a lot going on in my garage at this minute, I'm just gonna go for a complete run down of my ownership of this car.. (most dates will be vague because my memory sucks..)

I'll start with a quick explanation of the name.. my first car was this 1973 Super Beetle.. I loved that car.. it developed a split in the fuel line one day after driving on the freeway for about an hour and by the time dispatch got a fire truck to me, everything windshield back was about 10" flames.. :( So this being my second beetle, I named it Effigy..


2002 - purchased for $1800. 1972 standard with stock everything, except fiberglass flared fenders and WunderBug 1937 Ford Front end kit. The engine started and ran, and I drove it home, but it was running rough and my knowledge at the time was basic tune ups.. I wasn't even on the samba yet, let alone VR so I had no one to go to with dumb questions.. brought it to a local shop, turned out the flywheel was just about to separate from the crank (among other problems)

They rebuilt the 1600, but over tightened the gland nut, it sheared off and bounced around the housing a couple of times and did some other damage.. so since it was their fault, they made me a deal, they'd use what was still good, and build me a 1776cc with no charge for labor and 50% off parts. I took em up on it, towed the car home (they had minimal space) while they built the engine and when they called to say it was done, I opted to install it myself. Install went well, broke it in in the garage, then drove around for about 8 miles before it fully seized up. Turns out the oil pump was plugged or something, so it had no oil running through it..

It was determined that had I not forgotten to connect the oil idiot light, I would have seen that sooner, but had they not given me a used oil pump after charging me for a new one, the idiot light wouldn't have mattered.. After much arguing, they agreed to rebuild it again at 50% labor/75% parts..

A short time later, I came to realize I should have A) not gone back to them and B) had someone else check over their work...

I was charged for rebuilt heads with dual high rev springs... well, the stock single springs allowed the valves to float and one of them snapped off the stem and punched a hole in the piston.

At this point I found another shop and filed paperwork to take the first shop to small claims court to try to reclaim the money I lost having 3 engines built in 6 months, and bus fare going to/from work/school and everything.. lost the case because the judge was mad I didn't know what the bluebook value of the car was.. but whatever..

so by now it's about:

2003-2005: Finally have the 1776 sorted out, running great, it's my only car and I go everywhere. nothing really exciting for a couple of years.. One trip from San Jose, Ca to Bend, Oregon (about a 17 hour trip..) not a single issue. seriously, car was fantastic and engine was a beast!

2005-2006: Joined the navy, was away at A-school in Maryland, left the car at my parents until March 2006 when I flew back and picked it up to drive it to San Diego to report for duty.

It looked something like this then:

I had gotten fed up with people asking for a ride and then complaining how small the back seat was.. so I folded the back down into the a package tray and put these in :P

early 2007 I deployed and brought it back to my parents house for storage during deployment. By Mid deployment I was posting here about how I wanted to put a Ford I-Beam front on to match the hood, and PurpleMyth reccomended I talk to HotRodHeb since he lived in San Jose too..

After a few e-mails, I made arrangements with my parents and he swung by their house, hooked up a tow bar, and took my car to scrap heap and ran off with the profit..... hahaha, no, he took awesome care of me, but my Mom was a little upset when I later told her that I had never met him in person before, none of us thought to get Rob's info (other than phone number and e-mail address), so he could have done just that, but I trusted him, he's good peoples.

Anyway, while I was deployed, Rob (and Cobey and Matt IIRC), took my car apart. I had blown the transmission trying to get it back to my parents, so they swapped out my stock box for a freeway flier, installed a TinBeater 10" beam extender, welded headlight buckets to the beam, disc brakes all the way around, and put the new rims/tires on for me, among a ton of other things.. We had some shipping delays with my rear fenders, but eventually those arrived and we put them on with the '39 Ford teardrop tail lights.

Here's couple of shots of it before the new fenders had arriver... that TV was a PITA to get in and out of my bug.. 32" tube.. weighed about 130 lbs..

At some point in late 2007 (October/November I think), I noticed that the damn bracket that holds the hideaway exhaust up kept falling off from road vibration and it was rubbing on the back of the rear brake:

So on Thanksgiving day, I swapped out this:

For This:

It looked at sounded SOOOO much better...

But alas, it was not to last.. That header was not made for heater boxes.. I ran it from Turkey Day '07 until about mid January '08 when the massive exhaust leak and back firing finally cracked the 1/2 side head..

Since then, I've had it running a handful of times, and swapped out a lot of parts:

2008: bought ceramic coated J-pipes and had flanges welded onto them and the header, old stock heads from I THINK a 1500 that I had, I dunno what they were, they were DP though.. had em bored out to 90.5, got it almost running before deployment..

2009: got it running poorly before deployment

2010: got it running well enough to get me about 80 miles a day round trip for 5 days (I had the Dodge at that point, but I left it at my parents.. for a week before I went to Iraq I had to go to an office about 40 miles away..).. at some point during all of that, I broke the second set of heads and lost one of the glasspacks on a San Diego freeway... :wacko:

2011: Finally got home and began tearing it down for a proper rebuild.

(Cont in next post.)

tattooed_pariah July 3rd, 2013 06:25 PM

Re: Effigy's history
January 12, 2011 (At least that's what I named the folder in photobucket..)

Get the engine out and fully taken apart..

In March I took my angle grinder to the rear apron:

(All that Dynomatting is gone now by the by..)

anywho, at some point, I had the case cleaned up and line bored, bought new heads from Brother's VW, got a new cam/lifter set from I forget where.. small shop near Anaheim.., installed a DBug framehead brace:

(That's JJ's foot int he right side.. he's helped me out a shit ton!)

got that far and decided, "well shit, I have everything out.. and I have a friend who is trying to sell a bunch of -6AN hoses/fittings... let's run new fuel lines!"

Already had a handy rust hole on the passenger side:

Set to work on that with a ballpeen hammer and a pry bar..

Figured out the elbow on the left of the next pic is the heater channel:

So a giant spike, a hammer, and some brute idioy opened it up to be a conduit :P

Fuel comes out the tank, into an Earl's filter, into a Holley Red pump, into a regulator, down the heater channel, into a bulk head fitting, into a T fitting, into each carb :)

This was it at some point before I had replaced the lost glasspack.. all I had around the garage was that stupid stinger...

Eventually I did replace that glasspack though:

I had something screwy with the Cam or distributor or something though, so the engine has come back out..

Right now the case is at Steve/Greg Tims Performance Workshop, getting the oil galley plugs drilled out and tapped to make sure everything is clean..

When they're done, I'll begin rebuilding again. Only this time, instead of the 009 dizzy with bosch blue coil, it's getting the billet MSD dizzy, with Blaster 2 coil and 6AL box..

Hopefully I'll have an update about that within the next coupld of weeks..

V8Transporter July 3rd, 2013 09:09 PM

Re: Effigy's history
That's it? Thats all? Just kidding...I loved chapter six.:clapping::clapping::clapping:

hotsauce July 3rd, 2013 09:34 PM

Re: Effigy's history
That nose actually looks badass with the extended beam! Right on man.

tattooed_pariah July 4th, 2013 08:28 AM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by V8Transporter (Post 563304)
That's it? Thats all? Just kidding...I loved chapter six.:clapping::clapping::clapping:

haha for now :P


Originally Posted by hotsauce (Post 563307)
That nose actually looks badass with the extended beam! Right on man.

For a second I thought you were talking about my face :blink: :funny:

Thanks! :grin:

V8Transporter July 4th, 2013 10:19 AM

Re: Effigy's history
Matt, she's a great looking ride. The extended axle really does make the nose look waaay more street rodder-ish than in the stock position..

tattooed_pariah July 4th, 2013 10:38 AM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by V8Transporter (Post 563338)
Matt, she's a great looking ride. The extended axle really does make the nose look waaay more street rodder-ish than in the stock position..

I agree, I'd like a little more rake, but if I do anything, I would raise the back a tiny bit. I don't like slowing down much over speed bumps and the front is already dropped 4.5" or so..

I also like how the rear fenders look, I've been told I should drop em and go full fenderless, but I kinda dig the way it makes the body flow.. plus I have 15x5 in front and 15x8 in the rear so the wider fenders help that too..

tattooed_pariah July 31st, 2013 10:26 PM

Re: Effigy's history
copied and pasted from my intro thread.. I thought I was posting in this thread.. haha :wacko:

Well, I FINALLY got some more work done..

Not a lot, but hey, anything is a step in the right directions right?

Since the last time I posted, I got some -8 black vinyl covered AN lines and black AN fittings, re-did the oil lines from the external cooler, decided that since everything was fully apart, and my factory plugs had never been drilled out (The case is drilled and tapped for full flow, but not all the plugs were removed..) I'd have that done and have it fully cleaned, and I bought one of those shitty bugpack 36hp shrouds with no fresh air tubes or doghouse cooler. I know, stock is better, but I like how small the 36hp shrouds are, the engine just looks cleaner, and with an external filter/72fin cooler and 10" electric fan, I think I'll be fine heat wise..

I rattle canned the shroud and backing plate bright red, and it sat for a couple of weeks..

Tonight I put a "fast fab" oil cooler block off plate on. It has a trench so the oil will still flow in and out of the cooler holes on top of the case. I bought some gasket material and hand cut a gasket for it, then put some gasca cinch on the case top and one side of the gasket, let it dry, but it on, then more on the other side of the gasket and the block off, let it dry, and installed it.

Next up I put the crank back in and sat all the bearings fully, then put the lifters back, a dap of the red "break in oil" on each since they've all only been run for maybe 3 hours total..), then cam bearings, then lined up the dots and dropped the cam in.

Next I started looking at the MSD dizzy.. lost the instruction sheets so I booted up my shitty old laptop that's out there, fought with the wifi signal for a few minutes and finally downloaded the instruction sheet.

I'm going to run it with the black spacer and one small silver spring and one large silver spring.

Next I tried to install the distributor drive gear, and that's where I stopped for the night.

I forgot about the washers on it, so I think I'm either going to have to take the crank back out, slap some grease on those washers, install them then re-install everything.. or maybe put the other case half on, which will let me check to make sure everything is rotating fine, and I can put grease on the washers, put em on a screwdriver and try and drop em into place and hope they stay..

either way, it's gonna be a pain in the ass, so I decided to call it a night..

I'm also in contact to buy one of the sync link carb linkage kits.. I love how it looks and it seems to have nothing but good reviews.. friggin pricey, but I think it might be worth it. Plus, as much as I utterly HATE Jake Raby for his personality, he does seem to know a lot about engines, and he felt this was a good enough linkage that he backed it for a while when it first came out, hence why all the pics in the ad have a DTM Shroud ;P (

anywho, hopefully I can get this damn thing running again soon.. I miss my VR..

V8Transporter August 1st, 2013 11:05 AM

Re: Effigy's history
And now we're on to 'Chapter Nine'.... heh heh. :wink::grin: Any who, take your time and pretty soon you'll be bragging that the neighbors are calling the cops because of your nightly burnouts....:sawzall::clapping:

tattooed_pariah August 9th, 2013 07:07 AM

Re: Effigy's history
Next part of the story: another stupid mistake.. :hmm:

Last Saturday I came home from work and go to work in the garage...

I was talking on the phone for about an hour, but I spent 4 hours out there to accomplish NOTHING...

Well, that's not entirely true, let me elaborate: I spread from Permatex Ultimate Grey Gasket Maker on the case halves, triple checked the cam gear indexing, put some assembly lube on the sides of the lifters, put some of the red break in lube that came with the cam on the lifter faces, tried to put the 1/2 case half on top of the 3/4 side, two lifters fell out.. guess the assembly lube wasn't as sticky as I'd hoped..

Cut up a coat hanger, made two V-shaped spring type clips things to hold the lifters in place.. First attempt, one lifter fell out.. tried again, saw two slipping.. finally, on the fourth try, I got it! :dancing:

next up I put some permatex ultra black sealant on the washers AND the case nuts and started torquing them down, then I caught myself.. Oil pump needs to go in before case halves are torqued..

Spread some ultimate grey, carefully, on the back of the pump, then carefully painted the edges of the front and the edges of the cover with Gasca-Cinch.. torqued it into place, then torqued the case.

I had already installed the oil cooler block off plate, so I spun the engine around (It's on my stand..) so it was right side up instead of on it's side, and got to work on the distributor. Got the washers into place, then quadruple checked that I was on TDC for #1. I think last time I built it, I mistakenly put the dizzy gear in on TDC for #3.. :wacko:

Anyway, Got it lined up for #1, gear dropped right in, was damn near perfectly lined up (perpendicular) to the case halves. Great, so far so good! :grin::thumbsup: Grab my distributor and the directions for it.. follow the steps to figure out how many shims I need to use. Measure everything. put the shims, bracket, and O-rings in place. Get the dizzy in place and hand tighten it all down.

Next up I put my fuel pump block off plate/coil holder in place and tight it down..

At this point, it had been about 4 hours (Like I said, i was on the phone for a lot of that and just moving slow trying to check things and take my time..) so I crack open a beer, light a smoke, and lean against the car before I start tackling anything else..

I'm just sitting there enjoying my break and scanning over my workbench and what I have left to do when suddenly my shoulders drop and a string of profanity comes pouring out of my mouth. :yelling::yelling::yelling:

Sitting in the drip pan, right next to the pistons and cylinders, heads, and misc hardware, are the 1/2 side of my cam bearings :yelling::yelling::yelling:

So yea, I stopped right there and decided to get a ride to the bar and get drunk instead.

tattooed_pariah August 14th, 2013 08:31 AM

Re: Effigy's history
Ordered some stuff.. it all showed up on my doorstep monday.

Bought a case splitting tool so I can finally do it properly instead of yanking, wiggling and trying to carefully pry it apart.. Thought it might be tougher to split this time since I used that ultimate grey crap.. we'll find out..

also got some of this crap: to reseal it after i put my damn cam bearings in.. we'll see how well it works..

and I got the Sync Link linkage kit.. came in a little box full of bags with pieces, and pete e-mailed me a PDF with directions on how to put it all together.. god I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew with this thing, it'll look killer if I can figure it out though!

gonna try and get out in the garage soon.. would love to say i'm going to work on it when I get home tonight, but I had trouble getting to sleep last night and only got about 2 and a half hours of rest..

tattooed_pariah September 1st, 2013 09:16 PM

Re: Effigy's history
Well, finally got off my ass and back into the garage tonight..

Cleaned off as much of the ultimate grey gasket maker as I could, then put a coat of Kuril on and put the case back together.

everything rotates smoothly, so I went ahead and put the pistons and cylinders back in, push rod tubes (split upwards) and heads torqued down.

it resembles an engine again! :P

I think all that's left now is to install the alternator stand, put the alternator in the new shroud, put all the tins on, the flywheel, hold the engine up in position so I can figure out where I want to install nut serts to mount the oil breather box and 6AL box..

tattooed_pariah September 6th, 2013 07:41 AM

Re: Effigy's history
so someone on the Samba talking about MSD pointed something out that I had totally forgotten.. oil filled coils don't like laying on their side..

Guess I have to replace my fuel pump block off plate with horizontal coil holder with a plain plate, then find somewhere to mount the coil..

I'm thinking about nutserts on the firewall with a stock bracket..

tattooed_pariah October 1st, 2013 03:12 PM

Re: Effigy's history
So Saturday after work I had my buddy Tom come over and hang out with me while i did some more work on the bug..

Got the push rods and rocker arm on the 1/2 side.. but while putting the rocker arm on the 3/4 side, I screwed up and tightened one side down before the other was fully seated.. it caused the shoulder on the stud to get screwed up, which made the rocker not want to seat properly, and while trying to remove it to figure out what was binding, I broke the clamp on my bolt together rocker :(

Since that ended forward progress on the block, I decided to do some more work on the new linkage.. got the brackets and wheels installed on both carbs :D

tattooed_pariah October 11th, 2013 07:38 PM

Re: Effigy's history
well, was content watching family guy and drinking beer.. but wifey called so while talking to her, i went out to the garage..

replaced the top 8 studs on my webers, the ones in there had shoulders on them to accommodate the plates for the hex bar linkage.. since I'm using the Sync Link, I took those plates off and had to buy studs without shoulders, basically, little threaded rods.. replaced all of them, a dab of red locktite on each.. then replaced the rocker arm stud i screwed up.. I'm a little concerned because it's a little shorter than the other.. but I won't know if that will be a problem until i fix my rocker arm.. that seemed like a bit more intensive of a job and i don't want to attempt it after 2 jack and cokes and 4 beers..

so i stopped for the night, going back to family guy now.. :P

tattooed_pariah November 15th, 2013 08:13 AM

Re: Effigy's history
Finally worked on the bug again last night..

Last time I worked on it, my pushrod tubes proved to be too long, so at least half the seals were smashed and pressed out and cut, the 3/4 side rocker didn't go on evenly, and crushed the shoulder of the rocker stud, thereby getting the rocker suck on the shaft, and i broke the clamp piece on the rocker, and I realized I forgot to put the little tin onder the 3/4 cylinders (above the push rod tubes..)

yeah, it was a clusterfuck of drunk mistakes. :wacko::stupid:

Last night I stopped at CarCraft on the way home, bought some stock pushrod tubes, some newfangled silicone seals that they claim can be reused many times if you're careful, a 30amp relay for my MSD box/ignition connection, and the rubber boot that the clutch and throttle cables pass through above the transaxle (new linkage needs a good boot to hold a transition piece in place..)

Got home, took apart the 3/4 side, put the tin in place, stretched the new tubes until they were just about as long as my old windage tubes, put some KurilK2 on the seals and put them in place. retorqued the heads, checking at each torque step to ensure the seals weren't being destroyed. found out the replacement stub I had bought about a month ago is about 1/2 inch shorter than the other stud, so I can't put the rocker back on yet.

Spun the engine on the stand and did the same with the 1/2 side (except the tin, I remembered that the first time I put it together..), put the rocker shaft back on but didn't adjust anythign yet, all the adjusters are backed out fully for now (have the flywheel locked so I could take the pulley off, figure I may as well leave it locked until I get the pulley back on..)

crawled under the car to try and put the transition piece in place and make some more progress on the linkage, but can't even tell if the original boot is still there or not, too much road grime and crap.. :/

Then piled up some crap to try and take some shots for if Steve gets desperate for the calendar :P

and because I know "pics or it didn't happen" here ya go:

Here's the new boot, the transition piece, and the picture from the instructions:

and here's what mine currently looks like :/

Those are really all the pics I took of the work, the other pics are in the calendar thread..

Paperweightnate November 15th, 2013 09:40 AM

Re: Effigy's history
Yeah those do look quite a bit different. I just read your whole intro thread last night. Glad I'm caught up!

tattooed_pariah November 15th, 2013 09:49 AM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by Paperweightnate (Post 568128)
Yeah those do look quite a bit different. I just read your whole intro thread last night. Glad I'm caught up!

I'm guessing that my car just has 40+ years of road grime and dirt and crap, and that the original rubber boot deteriorated years ago.. I dunno.. I e-mailed the guy who made the linkage kit since his instructions are a little vague to see what he thinks before I do any damage.

haha, pretty easy to catch up when the posts are all like 5 months apart and basically say, "i worked on the car for 20 minutes tonight.. " ;P someday I'll get it running again... :hmm: :funny:

1slo3 November 18th, 2013 11:40 AM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by tattooed_pariah (Post 568130)

haha, pretty easy to catch up when the posts are all like 5 months apart and basically say, "i worked on the car for 20 minutes tonight.. " ;P someday I'll get it running again... :hmm: :funny:

I think you and I have the same thread author :huh: :hmm: :rollingeyes:

tattooed_pariah November 18th, 2013 01:13 PM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by 1slo3 (Post 568200)
I think you and I have the same thread author :huh: :hmm: :rollingeyes:


slowly but surely, it'll happen :thumbsup:

1slo3 November 18th, 2013 01:20 PM

Re: Effigy's history
I think we need a "Cut, weld, drive... someday" shirt!

tattooed_pariah November 18th, 2013 01:50 PM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by 1slo3 (Post 568202)
I think we need a "Cut, weld, drive... someday" shirt!

haha or a "Cut, Weld, Drink, Bitch at Newbies." shirt :wink: :funny:

tattooed_pariah February 8th, 2014 09:56 AM

Re: Effigy's history
Well, a little out of character.. it's only been 3 months since last update :P

Done a lot of little things here and there over the last month or so and today I'm gonna try and get it running again :wacko:

I can't remember the order that all this has happened but I mentioned on the samba thread for the sync link kit about the problems I was having with that transition piece.. As it turned out, my body doesn't even have the oval hole that the grommet is supposed to attach to, the metal conduits for the clutch and throttle cables just stick straight out of the the body itself.. I tried JB welding the transition piece in place, but screwed up because I cut the end off a q-tip to make sure the hole stayed clear, applied JB Weld, stuck it in place for a couple of days, and then couldn't remove the q-tip because it was attached to the jb weld.. :wacko:

While trying to remove it, I pulled the transition piece free too.. which prompted me to think of a better idea.. Posted on the samba thread that I was going to take it to someone with a drill press and tapping tools and have them drill a small hole, thread it, and insert a set screw. Pete (the guy who designed the kit) told me to send him my mailing address and he'd send one to me :) I like to think that future kits will reflect this revision and so I've now become part of the R&D department ;)

So I got that attached, attached the new pedal piece and ran the cable through.

Engine is pretty much fully assembled and ready to go back in. I bought a quality nutsert installation tool (took me a few weeks to find a local industrial tool store and the kit cost me $90, but it's a good kit and I love excuses to buy tools :P ), and used it to mount my oil breather box and MSD Ignition to the firewall.

JJ came over and helped me figure out my relay idiocy. The MSD box has an internal relay, so we left it off of that, but put a 25amp fuse between the box and the hot side of my starter. We also had to redo the wires on my electric fan, as the power lead on it had ripped free of the connector at some point, who knows when :hmm:. Then we hooked a relay into the circuit for my fuel pump.

Today my list of tasks include:
* connecting throttle cable to pedal adapter
* remove factory styled wire shielding and electrical tape from harness in engine compartment
* connect MSD small red wire to ignition wire
* fix all the wires in that portion of the harness that either show fire damage, or have shitty connectors, or have multiple splices (I think the tach wire is the worst, it has like 3 different 5 inch sections of wire held together with butt splices.. :wacko:)
* apply spiral wrap wire conduit crap to harness to make it look pretty..
* install engine (attach to trans, connect wires, etc..)
* install intakes/carbs, reconnect fuel lines
* finish hooking up sync link linkage
* install exhaust
* check clearance for berg traction bar (I don't know if it will clear my exhaust or not..)
* triple check that I didn't forget anything
* put some sea foam in the gas tank
* pour in another couple gallons of CA 91 octane to mix with old gas and sea foam..
* reconnect battery
* pray
* disconnect coil wire from coil
* turn key for a few seconds
* reconnect coil
* pray again
* turn on fuel pump
* attempt to start

at this point one of two things will happen:

A) * celebrate and get to work tuning carbs and timing
* put engine lid back on so I have a license plate
* go up and down the street then maybe around the block
* celebrate more


B) * cry
* drink
* post in the drunk thread

I'm hoping for Option A.. and then I have to figure out how i'm going to reattach my rear apron because inthe meantime I've got some baling wire I'm going to wrap around my exhaust and hook onto the latch to hold the decklid shut.. ;P

sorry I haven't been taking many pictures..

this was before JJ came over to help me get it wired up properly..

and a shitty shot of the engine still on the stand

SCOTTRODS February 8th, 2014 11:21 AM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by tattooed_pariah (Post 571296)

at this point one of two things will happen:

A) * celebrate and get to work tuning carbs and timing
* put engine lid back on so I have a license plate
* go up and down the street then maybe around the block
* celebrate more
* post in the drunk thread


B) * cry
* drink
* post in the drunk thread

Fixed that for ya... :sawzall::welder::sawzall::plasmacutter::welder:

tattooed_pariah February 8th, 2014 11:28 AM

Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by SCOTTRODS (Post 571299)
Fixed that for ya... :sawzall::welder::sawzall::plasmacutter::welder:

lol, fair enough :P

Iunno though, I don't have any beer at home right now on purpose.. I want to be completely sober during it's maiden voyage since I haven't driven it in 5 years..

Although, I do pass by a Vons on the trip "around the block" (I live in a cul-de-sac thing, so "around the block" is more like a "circuitous route through my immediate neighborhood.."), maybe the maiden voyage will be a beer run :P

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