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401-Restos August 3rd, 2008 06:49 PM

feeler: 401 restos ren-dez-vous...
401 Restos ren-dez-vous..

here's the thing boys and girls....this is the real deal...I have a place a buddy of mine owns,a Inn located in West Greenwich...he has 6 acres of land and it is all his and his restaurant..

the weekend of SEPT 13th-14th...

we are gonna do the following:

NO judged car show!!!...meaning,no trophys and such..just dash the dust off in the beginning of the's a end of the year bash. straight up... a steak fry Sat. night and breakfast buffet Sun morn is followed with a ran-dez-vous(car get-to-gether) food is available for a small fee from Big River Inn...camping is 10 bucks but well worth it cuz it includes showers,electricity and water hook up. it is located on a small hill side and has a full bar,restaurant etc. awesome location and exactly what we need to bring it to the eastern side of RI,Mass and Conn..

if anyone is interested please contact me at :

remember...WATER and AIR are all welcome!!!

*all should know...this is a charity for my cousin Matt and his girl Angie who osed their little boy Regan 2 weeks ago of undetermined must be tough. he was only 6 months*

We are working on the final details with-in the week to nail this thing down...we would like to do a sick a$$ cruise also...!

I will arrange for each to have their own area...much like the dust off..

thanks guys and it would be killer if we could kick this thing in high gear!!!
Tim Scheller

66 Shorty August 4th, 2008 08:49 AM

Re: feeler: 402 restos ren-dez-vous...
You might want to add this in the Cutting board as well... Just in case the guys don't come in here that often. I'm down for it though! (I don't have a car to show...) Unsure if I'm camping or not though. I don't live that far... I mean really... I live in R.I. :funny:

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