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SCOTTRODS January 5th, 2018 03:35 AM

Up Yours!
When I get my renewal notice I usually pay up really quick each year... I'm just a member with dreams of actually doing something one day, and contribute where my knowledge can be helpful... so I'm not the go-to guy for Volksrods by any stretch. But since I participate and enjoy the people on these forums, I think it's only right I throw down my support each year. It ain't much... That's for sure, but if we all do it, it should be enough. When your membership renewal comes around (or if you haven't contributed at all)... Up Yours!

This is a great Site!

(By the way... I'm a little lazy for not going and finding the older threads with the same thought... I know they're out there, but sometimes you need to start something anew.

tattooed_pariah January 5th, 2018 07:26 AM

Re: Up Yours!
yep, i'm no great source of information by any means, but I throw some money Steve's way every year. It's been talked about in the past, and he pays out of pocket, a few hundred dollars a month, to keep this place online. He doesn't have to, but he does it cause he knows we love it here..

The least we can do is pay him back a little for his time and money..

amrcnbadaz January 8th, 2018 07:48 PM

Re: Up Yours!
Just sent payment. Now I can hang with the cool people again. :love:

metalmaster1766 January 18th, 2018 11:28 PM

Re: Up Yours!
Ok I just tride to pay to support this place, I don't have a PayPal account, it says to choose your payment choice and follow to the next page, only thing is I couldn't find anywhere to choose a different way of paying
So what do I do now?


amrcnbadaz January 19th, 2018 03:22 AM

Re: Up Yours!
I don't have paypal either. seems to me like it offered to let me use a credit card through them anyway

metalmaster1766 January 19th, 2018 03:11 PM

Re: Up Yours!
Here is what it says

To pay for your subscription, please click the order button next to your preferred payment method and follow the instructions on the following page.

The only button is paypal, I pushed it several times to see if any other options would come up, nothing did, I'll try to post a screen shot of the page, maybe I'm going blind


SCOTTRODS January 19th, 2018 05:01 PM

Re: Up Yours!
What he's saying above is that you can pay Through PayPal, using whatever source you have to pay with... but you still have to use pay Pal I believe, as they are receiving it through pay pal... if that makes any sense...???

metalmaster1766 January 19th, 2018 07:07 PM

Re: Up Yours!
I'll try again and see what happens, maybe I didn't try

My mind has been preoccupied with this gov shutdown stuff, it looks like it's gonna happen, if it only last a week, great, my wife gets a week off and will eventually get paid, 4 years ago when it shut down for 3 weeks it really sucked, payroll gets backed up, i feel bad for the ones who hafta go in to work even if it does shut down, mortgage company's and utilitie companies don't care, plus I went to get a prescription filled, last year it was $35, this year it went up to $188 a month, my wife's 1.4% raise doesn't even cover the increase in health insurance cost a month this year
I think I'm gonna start writing letters to those in charge, maybe 1 a week this year, fuck it, maybe I'll do it for the rest of my life or until change happens

I could so go on a political rant right about now :yelling: :finger::finger::finger:


metalmaster1766 January 19th, 2018 07:21 PM

Re: Up Yours!
Well dang, if only I had scrolled down the page I would have seen the pay with debit card or credit card button, I need to get my computer fixed, this pocket computer screen is just to small :rollingeyes:


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