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purplemyth February 27th, 2010 07:39 AM

A walk thru on the Profile and it's new functions.
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Profile tips and tricks.
The profile has new features to it , albums, friend/contact networks, social list, pretty cool I think.
So here's some tips on how these new toys work. This is mine, same as yours.
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okie dokie, first up, pictures, yes, a nother way to post pics, but these are conveniently store in your profile. Now, someone can surf YOUR pics easily. But before we get too far, you are still limited in your space, 50 pics per album or 1.9MB, which ever comes first. You can have different albums but your limit is still the same overall . So, lets get going~

See to the side, albums, click on 'add album'.
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You must put a title , description is optional and you can edit these anytime so don't fret here. Click on the album you want to edit, and in the ypper rt hand corner you'll see the link.
And you can delete one the same way.

You have the option, public or private, while in public, anyone can view your album, while in private only your contacts can , even if linked , only your contacts can view these pics. So DON'T put in threads!
click on Submit.
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ok, now ya got an album. And wow, 3 places that say 'upload pictures' , don't ever say ya can't find it :rollingeyes: (unless you have a blackberry thingy or a fender, don't show backgrounds well) So choose one~ click~~~

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New coalition perk, you get ALOT more room per album~ :thumbsup:

purplemyth February 27th, 2010 07:58 AM

Re: don't mind me
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Now, this is like any other upload box, but notice at the bottom, it tells you how many and how much space you have, it will do a countdown as you load.

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Now your pics are in, choose an album cover with the lil dot on the side. Now you can go thru and title your pics or just click save and leave as is.

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And there ya go, pics, in an album.

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ooooh but wait, there's more~ what's this ? ^^^ upload to what?

purplemyth February 27th, 2010 08:12 AM

Re: don't mind me
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ooooh yes, we aint done yet~ Belong to a social group? wanna add pics to it? well there's a function to make it easy. click the add button above, choose by checking the lil box, then below you see a box, open and choose your group.

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And viola, your pics are now in the group, but still in your profile too, Fun huh? lol!
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OOOOoh, what if you aren't in a social group? oh sorry, I got 1 step ahead, well there there, see? I aint perfect either.
So lets find these social groups~
Steve spoils us doesn't he? :love:

purplemyth February 27th, 2010 11:01 AM

Re: don't mind me
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Social groups, what are they, weirdos, hackers, slackers, ? :Idunno: :funny:
Think of these as, sheds to the side of the main garage. Folks come and go, special interests, different regions, etc~
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So click 'join social groups' or at anytime you can use the one in the main bar on top of the forums.
Hit one of the links that says view all groups and look around.

Below the threads, you will see a bar, 'join group' , click and you are in. Ever want to leave, there's a button for that too. To post a 'discussion' (thread), link is below the main box.
Have fun~

purplemyth February 28th, 2010 05:20 PM

Re: don't mind me
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Alrighty now, here's the next feature, visitor messages. Different than PMs. These are public, so keep that in mind if you wish to it to remain private, but for 'hey buddy how ya doing?" or cool car man, etc, have at it. But remember, it's public.
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To post in the profile, type in the box, hit post message, thats it.
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now here's the tricky part. Above I have a note from my friend crash10. I want to reply, back to him. DONOT post in the box above it, why? cuz this is YOUR profile, it does not magically transfer to his profile. So here's how ya do this, simple, click on your visitor name, you'll be transported to their profile, and there you can leave a message.
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Aint this cool?

And another little trick, say you two start chattin back and forth, but forgot what was in the previews note, nooooo problem. See where it says, view conversation with -----------? click that.
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And there you go, only posts between you and that friend.

Now, when you and your friend are done, you can leave these notes in your profiles OOORRrrrr, you get to dump them, just like in your pm box.

You will still see it a deleted box, no one else can except staff too., but we can periodically come along and permanently dump them.

Now hopefully that will keep you guys from looking funny talking to yourselves~ :funny:
I won't name names :grin:
ok, onto the next great feature~

purplemyth February 28th, 2010 06:12 PM

Re: don't mind me
Notice also in your profile, you have these tabs, each one opens a different page.

AboutMe , now, when you signed in, you had to put in some lil info, email, place, cars. Well before you had to edit and add thru your user cp. But now? you can edit direct. If you are coaltion, you can edit your 'for admin only' there too. Just click on that little pencil icons and edit away.

Statistics is a way to see all your posts and threads you have. Looking for one you started? now you can search for it.

Freinds, allows you to see a list of them instead of just those lil boxes on the side. You can edit there too, in case someone ticks you off~ hey, it happens.

Infractions, no need to describe that, we don't bother playin that pansy point shit, act like an idiot and we deal with you direct.

Contact info, self explanatory.

Dats all for now folks~

purplemyth March 3rd, 2010 08:49 AM

Re: don't mind me, almost done
If you look around in your user CP, there are other options to privacy and visitor notes too. If you do not want notes , disable it.
The user cp is pretty well explained, but have any problems, ask ~

Have fun :hello:

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