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Turbo Punk November 5th, 2006 12:46 PM

How To Restore A Fuel Tank
I did a search on Yahoo and came up with this. It just so happens to be a tech page on how to clean the gas tank on a VW bus. My only suggestion would be to use Master Series paint instead of Por-15.

andreas February 27th, 2007 06:28 PM

Re: How To Restore A Fuel Tank
naval jelly and rocks work pretty well. the jelly is a combination of muriatic acid (spelling) phosphorous and some other things as well. you would want to remove any plastic or rubber parts before you fill it with the acid, it tear those up. i've been fixing up motorcycle tanks like that for a long time. just through it in there and shake it around for a while, rinse and repeat until clean, seal with whatever you're gonna seal it with. it is, however, a lot easier to shake a motorcycle tank for three hours solid than it is in a bug. by the way, watch your paint job. but that acid will eat the rust off anything. i'm cleaning up my wheels with it right now. By the way, the rocks and shaking are in case your tank has the mini coral reef going on with shit growing in it. it will knock all of that out with a quickness. you could also use nuts and bolts that need cleaning.

NightScreams March 22nd, 2007 08:21 AM

Re: How To Restore A Fuel Tank
I have used the same menthod for motorcycle tanks, but I use a couple of short sections of chain instead of rocks, some rocks I've seen have a chemical reaction to the acid. As far as shaking it, I just modified the rotissary (sp) from my outside grill to grab a tank. Could even make a cheap one out of some box steel and rod. Anyway, works great. I've used the POR-15 gas tank sealer with good luck as well. If you aren't going to seal it right away, coat the inside with a light oil to prevent the return of rust.

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