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Texasbuggys April 4th, 2008 08:47 AM

Buggy Blast VI open to all types of VW's
Link to the show. I have been a sponsor of this show and group since the start. It is a great group of folks and a real family gathering as we really try to bring out the kids and early VW kids to show them what can be built with sweat, determination and skill with a few coins of course. Lots of nice trophies and cool cheap T-Shirts, yep I am part of the T-Shirt crew! They look great and we keep the price very low. Spectators are free and entry price low! Nice facilities as the city of Salado has really opened their city to the VW crowd. If anyone is intrested there are many classes and the site lists them all. All types of VW's and even an "N" class which the radical VW's enter even if not VW powered so a class for everyone to enter into. Great raffles, new tube chassis for a buggy, type 1 rebuilt tranny and lots of other items so if you are in Texas you should make it and if your are not, you should still make it. We have had several folks fly in from Ca. in the past years and one couple drove their Manxster from Conn. They have informed us they would not be able to make this show and their Manxster is being re-engined with Suby power right now. The event is covered by Hot VW's each year and a magazine spread follows up, usually three pages. So if you want the chance to get yours recogonized sign up and register. Let them know that Texasbuggys sent ya! Hope to see lotz of folks there.

Texasbuggys May 15th, 2008 01:40 PM

Re: Buggy Blast VI open to all types of VW's
Hey guys just a reminder this event is coming up Memorial day weekend, click on the link at check out the cool memorial T-shirts that are mad cheap! I don't think we have any volksrods registered yet so com'on folks!

welshj May 16th, 2008 02:37 PM

Re: Buggy Blast VI open to all types of VW's
Are they still holding the event?

Salado is currently listed as in a "state of disaster".
They got torn up pretty badly by the storms we had hit centex last week. They're still trying to clear roads.

From the killeen herald:
Salado declared a disaster area Posted on: Friday, May 16, 2008, 6:03 AM

By Justin Cox
Killeen Daily Herald

BELTON In the wake of extensive wind damage to trees and structures throughout Salado, the Bell County Commissioners Court declared the village a disaster area during an emergency meeting Thursday afternoon.

County Judge Jon Burrows said the declaration allows the county to offer aid to the local entity by giving contractors access to some of the county's resources normally prohibited by standards imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Commissioner Tim Brown said he toured the damaged areas on the east side of Bell County, which extend from Salado past Little River-Academy. Brown said the damage poses a safety risk with the blockage of roadways, and it's time for the county to step in to provide aid.

"Everybody's pretty aware we've got serious damage all through the Salado area, an extraordinary number of trees down," Brown said. "From Salado, eastward, it's that same kind of destruction. The cost of cleanup related to the trees is going to be extraordinary. The process of sawing material up and hauling it out has just begun."

Brown and fellow Commissioner John Fisher voiced support for allowing contractors working with Salado and the county to use the county landfill as a temporary location so that the workers have a place to move the debris, at least temporarily.

The commissioners emphasized that only trees and organic debris will be accepted, and can only be deposited by an authorized contractor. Brown said that this is not normally allowed, but the circumstances of a public health threat warrant such an action.

"We can't allow private citizens to show up and give the landfill free rein," Brown said. "Normally we wouldn't do this, but because of the extreme nature of this event and the amount of material that's out there, I think we can (at this time)."

Assistant County Engineer Tom Berrier said 29 confirmed Bell County roads, identified by county work crews, have been blocked by trees or other debris as a result of the weather, but the actual number is likely much higher.

"There's probably 40-plus roads that have trees and debris," Berrier said. "On some of the roads, (workers) are just now clearing the power lines out of the way. All crews have been working on clearing off today. The worst ones are the ones we're working on first."

No members of the court would speculate on the amount of financial resources the county will put toward the cleanup effort, as the crews are still assessing the damage.

No matter what the cost to the county, the commissioners are confident they are prepared to handle the burdens of this new crisis.

"This is one of the reasons we keep (additional funds on hand as part of the financial planning process), to handle emergencies like this," Burrows said. "If we can find some money for reimbursement later on, we will pursue it."

And unlike last year, when floodwaters caused extensive damage to city and county roads, the principal wind damage lies in the loss of area trees and vegetation.

"There will be little effect on the county infrastructure," Burrows said. "Once the cleanup is done, we'll get beyond this."


Texasbuggys May 16th, 2008 04:42 PM

Re: Buggy Blast VI open to all types of VW's
Yes one of the club guys contacted the chamber folks and said no problem to come on down. They had some trees down but said all would be removed before the event. You bringing your project out?

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