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Default Re: Converted Lurker

I decided to work on a pair of old Headlights that I am considering using. I have blasted and painted one and need to do the other.

Here is what I started with.

My goal was to dis-assemble the Pods, Polish the Reflectors and install new Halogen Bulbs.

To do this I would need to remove the old Socket in the reflector and make the 9003 bulb fit.

After taking the Headlight apart I held the Reflector and using the Dremel, I cut just behind the mounting of the scocket.

After pulling the Scocket off, I removed the Mounting ring of the Scocket still on the back of the Reflector.

Once this was removed I had to open the Hole enough to fit the Bulb base through it.

While doing this I did manage to destroy the Coupler in my Dermel. No wories...I had another....It lasted about 10 seconds.

Now What? I took a piece of clear Tubing and slipped it over the Cogs on Both Pieces. Was able to finish with that.

So On with the Conversion.

I wrapped the Bulb with paper towel and Rubberbands so as to not touch it and cause pre-mature Burn-Out.

After pushing the Bulb in from the Front, I aligned the Tabs to center the Logo on the bottom of the Reflector toward the Bottom of the Bulb Housing.

Then I marked the Top Tab with a Sharpie, Removed the Bulb, and Drilled a Small hole in the Top Tab.

I reinstalled the Bulb, Marked the Drilled hole, Removed the Bulb and Drilled the same size hole in the Reflector.

After test fitting everything, I got the Flitz and gave the Reflector a good Polishing.

Then I replaced the Bulb, Installed the small metric bolt and locknut.

From there it was a simple matter if installing the Pig-Tail and re-assembling the Pod.

There you have it. Now my 70 year old Headlights are outfitted with Modern Halogen Bulbs that should give Plenty of light and with the removal of One Bolt be an easy change if need be.

I'll give an update when I get them mounted, wired and Working.

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