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Originally Posted by Unkl Ian View Post
Because the part is not flat on one side, they might like
to have a follower, or support, so they can do a False Cope.
That would make it much quicker/easier to get an even parting line.
Should also lower the price.

If you have to make any changes, ask what color(s) it should be painted.
I started reading this from the newest post backwards, I even did a search to jog my memory on that way of casting a part, I came to the same site, just a different page

With a match plate you could cast them several at a time and save even more $$

I have a friend who owns a foundry here in Cinci, they have offered to let me use their place if I ever need to do any larger castings than I can do in my garage

Cool place to hang out during the winter months

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