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Pulling the tin to clean it up and changing the muffler sure as hell snowballed!! Once the engine was out it became painfully obvious that much more had to be done. I have never had such a dirty engine in all the VWs that I have owned. No wonder it never left any oil spots in the garage...all the crud was soaking it up! It may leak like a sieve now. I pulled the heads to find oil under the cylinders and crud caked in the cooling fins, RTV sealant everywhere, just a mess. I cleaned everything I could. It turns out I have a replacement case and 85.5s so I have a 1600 instead of the original 1500. With the non-doghouse oil cooler and the newer case I didn't have the adapter seals so I put the old ones back in there. They are still relatively soft but I will change them when I pull the black body off.
New parts:
rear tin (no holes)
air cleaner
fuel filter
braided fuel line
main seal (& o-ring)
pushrod tubes & seals
valve cover gaskets
oil screen, gaskets, washers
cylinder gaskets
intake gaskets
exhaust gaskets (heat-risers, too!)
muffler (tips point down a little...unsure if it's supposed to)
breather hose
axle boots
rear trans mounts
engine compartment seal (not in yet)
carb gasket
muffler clamps

all tin except the little deflectors under the cylinders, just cleaned them
pulleys (w/nut, bolt, etc)
gen. backing plate
coil & bracket
valve covers & bales
dip stick handle
oil filler tube & cap

I plan on cleaning up the heater boxes and shields and stock rear tin and putting them back on at some point. I still have a few things to do tomorrow before I can put the engine back in. I have a busy day with other obligations so I'm not sure if I will get everything done. Hopefully I will have it at Jax Beach Sunday...we'll see.

This morning (pic taken the other night before I came in):


I cleaned almost everything by scraping the crud off with a screwdriver or chisel, hitting it with an old wire brush, then either 777 cleaner (purple stuff-ish), degreaser, simple green, carb cleaner, or brake cleaner, wire brushing again and rinsing with the water hose. Parts that got painted I took to bare metal with a wire wheel on my 4-1/2" grinder and then sanded the corners, etc. by hand. Red yellow & gloss black are all Krylon out of the rattle can. The j-tubes are semi-gloss Rustoleum bar-b-q paint (we'll see, probably won't last) and the black "hammered" (tin) and silver "hammered" are both Rustoleum, again, out of rattle cans. I wire-wheeled the generator and blew it out while it was apart.

Since my crappy impact wouldn't loosen the gland nut, my wife went to Sears and bought me a new one while I was at work the other day. It's actually the same as my old one except it actually works great!! She bought me a DigiTork torque wrench, too!

I also cleaned & repacked the fuel pump. I bought this bug back in September and all the tune-up stuff has been replaced since then except the plugs, so that's all it needed as far as that.
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