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No real progess but I am trying to do something to the bugs every weekend.

The 62 vert...
Nothing done. I did paint the stcok shifter the same color as the wheels will be. I haven't stripped & painted the wheels yet. I did finally get matching wheels all around. I have drove it around the yard a few times. I have the $$ for the brakes but I haven't bought the parts yet. I had hoped to get a parts car this weekend but the guy flaked and never sent me pics like he said he would. Then he got all pissy when I said something about it. Oh well, didn't really need it anyhow.

The 63 ragtop...
I did get the rear drums switched over to wide-5 so it's rolling on wide-5s like it should be. It's still a 69 IRS, b/j pan but it looks right now. I will lower it soon and start getting it ready to drive.

The 64 hardtop...
I finally got all four polished 5-spokes on it. Both pans are fully welded in. I do have to weld a few holes from where I drilled out the jack mounts. Then a little grinding before I pull the beam and the tranny. I want to blast the pan and coat both sides before I put it back together. Just a little primer on it now to keep it from rusting temporarily.

oh, it got a new hood too.
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