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I always seem to forget to update this thread. Let's see...
The 62 vert got dropped off at a buddy's house because of lack of time trying to get it ready for the Lakeland show. He built a sweet 4" narrowed beam for it and switched it out, finished up the brakes and even played with the wiring some. The rear lights quit working again already but I've got a "new" fusebox to put in it. The one in it is broken in a few places.
The beam is all the way up and I'm still running 165s on the front.

I drove it down to the Lakeland show last weekend with no major problems. I put almost 400 miles on it.

I also bought a 67 bug a couple weeks ago. It has a 1776, 110 cam, 009, dual Dell'orto 45s, Berg linkage, built trans, Berg shifter, etc. It's pretty solid and a good 20 footer.

Now, if I can only keep it running long enough to enjoy it. The carb linkage came loose the day I bought it...twice. The generator strap kept coming loose. I have both those fixed. I've shortened one rod on the linkage so I could adjust them equally, changed the exhaust (had some homemade crap on it), changed the steering box and then the fan broke. So, I'm going to pull the carbs and engine this weekend/next week and put new gaskets/seals in it, clean everything, paint what can be painted and hopefully I won't have any more problems for a while.
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