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The auto darkening helmets are very cool but a waste of money if your just starting out get the cheapist you can find.

as for the welder I have used and own all three types millers linclon and hobart
its really a matter of personal taste all the welders I have performe about the same I use the hobart in the shop and the little linclon 125 (110 plug) in the field with flux core wire it works great for fence repair.

be aware there are 2 types of 110volt welders sold the type you see at costco
have smaller duty cycle and dont have as much power but ther'er cheaper
and I think would work fine for someone starting out for a 100 bucks or so more you can go to a welding supply place and get the next step up also dont pay what there asking unless on sale all prices at a welding supply place are flexable.
do you price shopping home work the price from one place to the next can differ
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