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Yeah, my 110V mig welder was very pricey when I got it some 13+years ago. It's a Snap On mig welder built by Century welding. Its really nice in that I can weld up to 1/4" in one pass (with the machine on its highest settings), or I can weld 26 guage sheet metal on the lower setting. It has a spot and stich feature along with continuous(sp) welding, along with an adjustable wire speed feature. I agree with Nick on bottle size, as I first started with the small bottle (good for about 8 hours max), then moved up to the bigger bottle. My machine also uses an 11 pound roll of wire, so between the bottle and the roll of wire I can stay pretty busy welding for a while. Its really nice to be able to fine tune both the heat and wire speed for your particular welding job. But, it costs more up front to do this. Some day I plan on stepping up to a TIG welder, as that will be my next progression, but for now I'll stick with what I have. As far as helmets go, get the one you like, and one that is comfortable for you. Some like the auto darkening, others (like me) don't. Also some like the picture window shield and others don't, its just preference. This is just a voice of opinion, as I've been welding for over 20 years, and I know what I like, and am comfortable with. I hope this helps.
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