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I may or may not get a new auto-dimming helmet soon. IF I do I can give you my current one. The switch stopped working (on/off) so I rigged the entire thing, looks like Rono-Frankenstein from the outside now but it still works. But $$ tight (tuition time) so not sure how serious I want a new helmet right now... You're welcome to borrow mine for a month or so if you run out of $$ to get one yourself though.

Also not all welders take the bigger 10lb roll of wires, you may need to buy a kit to adapt them. I started using the bigger rolls instead of replacing the smaller spools every other week, cheaper in the long run to get the big spools. Just something to keep in mind...not all welders accepts bigger spools out of the box nor gas hookups neither without buying their kit$ first. That $300 welder may not look as good a deal as the $400 welder that already has gas and big spool setup out of the box...

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