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my local place had a 20 for $60 and a 60 for $100.... not bad i guess.

i am getting frustrated by my quest for a welder though. i looked at hobart and millers yesterday. the guy told me miller owns hobart. the miller was nice but about 100 more than i really wanted to spend.... but the drive parts are all cast metal and not part plastic like the hobarts and lincolns. the hobart also couldnt dial in the power.... it had predetermined settings. the miller and lincoln had controls that allowed you to 'dial in' more efficeintly.

so i have decided to go with a lincoln 135 but there is another model running around home depot its the lincoln 3200. is this the 135 renamed? i have been looking for some more info and cant find it on their website. the 3200 was like $10 more than the 135 that i saw in another home depot.

the quest continues...
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