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Default Hell-o All, been a while
Re:: just a short update   

Lot has changed, a lots the same. Ian's bug Festus has a new home in Pa., the bus will be gone this week if nothing changes. and we will be VW less.
Dad's health is failing and I keep waiting the call to come at work that he's gone. He's 95 and the Alzheimer's has taken it's toll. But he's had a good run that's for sure when his day comes.
I'm still ticking, that's a good thing have a heart appointment next week. Got to be in good shape have to be at Timbo's to work on the vert. next weekend.

I hope when time permits again hope to build another rod, have some ideas in my head, and plenty of time to sort through them. Had a chance to buy my bug back but the funds weren't there and man that hurt. Love to have had her back. So that all for now hope to be around a little more and catch up on some of the new builds. take care all.
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