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I am getting ready to do a couple more upgrades on the 69 before car show season kicks in. I have not been able to find an exhaust system I like, so I have decided to just build my own. I have changed my mind on design twice so far, so we will see how this goes?!

I would like to change up the shifter, but that has been a problem as well. I love the Flat4 Eliminator, but the reviews I have found all insist they suck. Otherwise, it is the same old shit that has been on the market for forever. As much as I want to like the Mamba shifter, I just can bring myself to actually think it looks good.

I will be upgrading the ignition system as well. I thought about going DIS, but think I will just go with the Pertronics flamethrower set-up. But could change my mind again before ordering parts.
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That bike makes my scrotum cry...
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