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Spent some time today doing a few little things to get it ready for the BugOut.

When doing the caliper, I noticed a weak spot on the brake hose.

So it got a new one.

The other side looks ok.

Fudge it, it gets a new one anyway.

Reupholstered rear seat hides many things. (spots on camera lens, not seat)

Gotta love Arizona no-rust cars!!!

I have a carpeted panel that lays where the seat bottom goes, so when I pull the bottom out, you see this...

Last time cleaning it, I noticed the rear window gasket torn.

Replaced that as well.

Since I am driving a couple hours away, I decided to put the quiet exhaust back on. One less thing to piss off the police.

Finally (for today) decided to polish up the aluminum running boards. This is partially through the first pass with Mother's polish.

So that was my day. Had to do everything in the ol' port-a-garage due to it raining like a beeotch today. No big deal, that is where it lives anyway. Just harder to see in there.

I don't have a lot more to do to it before then. I will post up pics when I get them done. Also, I am gathering up some tools and a few extra parts to throw in the trunk before I go.
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