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Default Re: Rear swing axle air suspension

Originally Posted by d3ghia View Post
Hey Ron - I usually shake my dick five times after pissing. My favorite band is Pink Floyd, I drink cherry kool-aid and keep my keys in my right pocket.

Want me to tell you what I fantasize about when I punch the clown?

How about you search the many, many car forums, read a bit and then make your own decisions?

The Samba has a gazillion threads on it, stf has info, there is info here and I bet a few ninitruck and ricer forums talk about it too. Fuck me - I bet the HAMB even has a thread or two on bags.

We share ideas here, talk some shit, show our lack of progress and general BS. If you want someone to hold your dick for you - well, you're in the wrong place.

Thanks for the response, i'm glad you jerk off after you piss. Great information there, fyi I have searched up and down on numerous forums. I was mainly looking for different ways to go about it. This is why I dont post anything. I have been a member of this site for awhile, just reading and watching. I have built my car from the ground up and this is what I get when I ask a question? I guess that you and this forum are way too good for me then. So please go fuck yourself and have a good day.
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