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Thumbs down Re: Bug to 32 on the HAMB forum...

Originally Posted by Metal Twister View Post
The Hamb isnt about old cars...

Step vans, Gassers, "Barn finds", fake patina,
"Show me pictures" threads,
and "what color should I paint my..." threads.
All OK.

Just don't say "Rat Rod" or someone will cry.

I was trying to help a guy there this week.
He has a 1927 American LeFrance fire truck,
that he wants to put brakes on the front of.
The came from the factory, with cable brakes
on the rear only. He has swapped in a 50's(?) motor and rear end. Probably needs custom spindles to fit the stock axle. Had 2 threads deleted, the third got locked.
Obviously not "Cool" enough for someone's taste.
Obviously not


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