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Default Re: Effigy's history

So I finally wrangled some time together Saturday morning and did some work on the bug again..

I bought the CB billet filter bases/tops months ago, but have been procrastinating installing them and the weber jet doctors.. so I did that..

Turns out it's a good damn thing I did, BOTH of my shitty filter bases had broken, so part of them was laying inside the filter area, partially obscuring things and moving freely.. luckily they didn't do any damage..

before shot (sorry it's sideways, I have no idea why my phone won't auto rotate when i take a wide shot and post to facebook and i'm too lazy to fix it.. :P )

After photo:

Also found something interesting.. I bought a jet gauge last year too, and this is the first time I've used it... it seems like ALL my jets are labelled wrong

my 60's were all reading 55, so I grabbed my jet box and my 55's were all reading 50... is this common or is my shit fucked up?

anyway, ended the day by driving it down to the local saturday meet up. I did readjust the air/fuel screws, but it popped out the exhaust a bit more than I like.. so I took about 2 degrees of timing out of it Sunday..

Before the jet doctors, I was consistently running "Lean/Air" on the wideband, with occassional spurts of 13-16 at about 2/3's throttle and between 2400-3200rpms..

After the jet doctors, fuel/air adjustments and bringing all in advance to about 30* instead of 32*, I'm still running lean/air most of the time, but spending a lot more time in the 12-15 range now.. So I'm getting closer to actually having it tuned properly, but it's not there yet, and with the outside temps being what they are, i don't know when i'm gonna wanna sit on the driveway and screw with it next, so back on the road it goes until then :P

(pic from the show)

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