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Re:: who's out there?   

This week my daily driver went into the shop for some warranty repairs, and I've been driving my VR instead.

Man, I've missed this car! although outside temps in the 30's and no heater kinda sucks, it's still so much fun!

Judging by CHT's, I think I'm only running on 3 cylinders at the moment, but I can still get up to 75-80mph, and it's not making any horrendous sounds or feels, so I know I'm being an asshole to my car and should stop and fix it, but don't have the time or motivation right now (we're moving in 2 months, maybe i'll fix it when I get back to sunny california and make some time :P)

anyway, who else is driving their VR regularly in the winter time? What do you do to combat freezing?

I wear a pair of "mechanix" style gloves and a beanie. I've put duct tape over the defroster holes in the dash, and I have this shitty made in china seat pad/warmer that plugs into a cigarette lighter. It works, but since I'm also wearing a ton of layers, it's hard to feel the heat..

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