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I'd rather drive Dragon all the time except in pouring rain. Heater works great. Regular heater boxes, duct work tubes for the Hoses and cables work fine. I let it run at least 5 mins before I leave. It takes 15 miles to get hot inside because the door seals suck after 13yrs, by then I'm 3/4 way to work. Same with the other vehicles, just cheaper on gas and, more fun.

I'm still working in the greenhouses so layers are my thing anyway. I wear dbl sweat pants and an old Walls hunting suit. I have a knit hat over the hurst shifter handle and the steering wheel is covered with one of those old fashion lace up covers so it's not too cold but I do wear gloves. He stays under cover at night so frost isn't an issue. I also stuff a moving blanket up in the nose to plug cover any air leaks, that alone helped alot. Cold air around the radio and coming thru vents, and just where ever, brrr.

I stopped driving him for 2 mos, my left knee actually got clicky, since I'm back to at least 3 times a week now, my knee isn't as bad anymore, lol!
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