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Originally Posted by HeidelbergJohn4.0 View Post
The wide 5 drums I have a flat faced, so even the 5.5 and 5.75 should fit well inside of the 5x 205mm bolt circle. The 4.75 is cake.
According to the companies supplying these blank drums as well as drilling the custom patterns... this isn't so with the 5.5" pattern. It was either the fronts or rears (I forget now) that due to the drum design, they wouldn't touch 'em with that pattern due to comprising the strength/integrity of the drum.

I've repeated this info in pretty much every thread I've seen about these, so I'm not going to go into detail again. But yeah... over several years of researching this... the novel idea of simply re-drilling the drums has come to mind.

After hearing the same thing from a couple different places not willing to drill either the front or rear drums (again... I forget)... that was enough convincing for me. Figured it wasn't worth possibly killing myself or someone else on the road to save a few hundred bucks.

Also... the wide 5 drums are not all flat faced. My adapters had to be "stepped" in the back to clear the huge cone shaped face of my drum.
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