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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by metalmaster1766 View Post
I'm not gonna be able to think of anything else now, Seniorita HAHA is gonna be stuck in my head whenever I hear her name, hell I had to Google Lady GaGa & then listen to a youtube song of hers just so I'd know who they were talking about on TV, the few times they showed pictures of her I thought maybe she bought Elton John's 70's costume stash to make herself famous

@ the english vocabulary, the words knee, knife, opossum, & hors d'oeuvre just baffle the shit out a me, I make sure I make the O sound, except more like "ah" sound when I say opossum just to make people think "HMmmm, he ain't right", or at a party, n I ask "Whar's da Horsedvor's ??"
I get some strange looks

& WTF,
It's been a while since me & the wife have been to a nice restaurant, so one night we go to a steak house & I order a porterhouse, n they bring me a flippin butter knife, so, I ask for a steak knife, n they don't have them anymore at that restaurant (<- who decided to spell that word?) so I reached for my belt n got my knife so i could cut it up, I thought the waitress was gonna faint when I opened it up, musta thought I was gonna stab her because they didn't have a steak knives, I just started eating, bout 10 minutes later my wife tells me to slowly look around, it was like nobody in the place had ever seen somebody use a "real" knife to eat before, hell I use it for just about anything I can when the need arises, I keep it clean, ya never know when your gonna hafta cut your food up, a butter knife is for butter, not steak WTF??

That Knife thing... That's Swave and De-Boner (You'll figure it out with a little time - More F'd Up words)
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