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Question Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by SCOTTRODS View Post
Having a Daughter of one's own, makes one think a little differently. I have a 26 yr old... Felt the same as you do and still feel that way. I was a young man once, and sometimes feel like a complete heel for having been one... Somehow glad I lived through those years. Especially knowing how I felt as a father/Dad.
I try to respect women Hell I didn't even view the opposite sex in a real proper sexual nature( Had no desire to EVEN date. ) until my current girlfriend came in the picture. We've been together for a over a year and been through some shit together Honestly I never saw the appeal of being like a bleedin' rabbit

Theres about 13 girls pregnant at her school currently 9 during the school year when I was there last year, and then I saw 4 I recognised over the summer who became pregnant (2 where in my classes) Granted people assume my girlfriend is sterile because she isn't pregnant like other girls in the school . Some times I really do question people
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So JiI is an older DrHax? are sooo fucked!

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