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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by Ray-Dean View Post
No red blooded American over the age of 9 eats ketchup on a hot dog!!

That's what's wrong with the world today!!!!
That's why Vampires are now pale faced, high school, panty waist, push overs!!!
That's why reality shows have taken over!!!
That's why posters of chicks in thongs bent over aren't popular any more!!!
That's why China makes more steel than the U.S.!!!
That's why Chernobyl happened!!!
That's why Clinton didn't admit to inhaling or shagging that ass!!!

For crying out loud... Mustard belongs on hot dogs!! And onions. And cheese. And chilli. And maybe kraut....

I love ketchup on a hot dog!!! Mustard, relish and onions! Has to be Nathan's hot dogs too with a poppyseed bun!
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