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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

TL;DR: people are stupid and don't know how to park...

long version: So at my command we have a parking row close to the building that is kinda coveted.. one end is marked for government vehicles only, then some free spots, then alternating reserved spots: Van Pool, Senior Service Member of the Year, Van Pool, Junior Service Member of the Year, Van Pool, free spot.

I've been here three years and we've never selected anyone for the Service Member spots.. I was running late yesterday and the Junior one was open so I took it, because, why the fuck not?

Decided to park there again today and my Senior Chief found me about an hour later and said A) I can't park there because I'm not a Junior person, let alone the Junior person of the year, B) The vanpool people complained that they can't open the doors of the van, and C) They are ultimately going to make it so it goes Van pool, empty space, van pool, empty space, van pool empty space, so they have a full open spot to get their dumbasses out of the van.. (my words not his..) He made me go move my car, so I go out to the parking lot and see the sight below..

Learn the fucking dimensions of your vehicle and how to center it in a regular parking space and no one would have a problem you idiots!!
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