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Default Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by whozawhat View Post
hopefully that is an old picture and you do have the ignition system properly and completely wired up.

or is that why it won't fire??
haha yeah, it was still on the engine stand in that picture.. wiring is pretty straight forward, the three wires going tot he alternator, two wires to the oil pressure/temp module thing (took a picture when i disconnected them, so they are connected properly..) one wire to oil pressure idiot light sensor, ignition switch wire to small red wire on MSD box, MSD small black wire to neg side of coil, MSD orange wire to pos side of coil, MSD thirck red wire to 12v, MSD thick black to ground..

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Looking good.
Thanks :)

Originally Posted by d3ghia View Post
Check your carbs again. Check the idle jet for clogging, doublecheck your settings too.
They were rebuilt about a year and a half to two years ago, fully cleaned and cleared, they've ran for about 15 minutes since other than that been sitting on the passenger seat.. I set them up with the lean best idle process.. mixture screws lightly seated then backed out a full turn.. the idle screws don't do anything anymore because of the sync link linkage..

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