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Default Re: Effigy's history

ok, so I got it to run tonight.. Timing was off, had to rotate the distributor about 1/2 an inch counter clockwise.. but it finally starts..

now I have to get the idle set.. My throttle cable MIGHT be a tiny bit too long, I have it adjusted almost as far as it will go to tighten it up but it still requires just the slightest bit of pressure on the gas pedal or it sputters out and dies..

once i get the idle set I can zero in the timing and then work on tuning the carbs.. but hey, baby steps :) it runs gain so I'm relatively happy for now..

edit: also have a good amount of white smoke coming out of one exhaust pipe.. I'm guessing it's because that glasspack is brand new so maybe there's shit inside that needs to burn away or something.. should i be concerned?

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