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Default Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by richie View Post
Fer the cable shouldnt have to adjust the cable for idle speed........I wouldnt think anyway.....should just be a stop screw on the carb.....I see it in yer other pic.....its at the 12 oclock behind the wheels.

yeah the screws are still there but they don't actually interact with anything.. the way sync link is designed, when you connect the driver's side carb wheel to the pedal, you depress the pedal fully while someone else turns the wheel to WOT, measure the cable, cut and install the barrel thing on the end of it.. This way WOT is determined by the pedal being fuly depressed. This is a little room for adjustment there where the cable comes out of the sleeve before it connects to the wheel. but the pedal must have come up on me during my measuring because I've got that adjustment almost all the way backed out and the idle is still slightly low.. If i put just the tiniest bit of pressure on the pedal it stays running but as soon as I remove my foot, it sputters and dies..

edit: rechecked the photo you are talking about, that's the passenger side carb and the end of the throttle line.. adjusting that idle screw would ONLY adjust the passenger carb..

The sync link throttle cable goes from the pedal to the wheel on the driver's side carb, then a second cable goes from that wheel to the wheel on the passenger carb.. Basically, the pedal directly opens the driver's carb and the wheel on the driver's carb opens the passenger carb the same amount.. to sync you simply put the pedal to the floor and tighten/loosen the passenger carb throttle cable until both carbs are at WOT.. it's really kinda cool, no messing with geometry of those little rod things on the linkage, just looking down the barrels to ensure both butterflies are moving equally, takes less than a minute :)

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