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Default Re: Rear swing axle air suspension

Originally Posted by alabama madman View Post
Dude, don't be so think skinned, if you haven't found anything online, then dig a little deeper, The information is out there, But I'll be the first to admit I'll ask a question and then fined the answer 10 minutes later, Hell, I'm lazy, would rather someone tell me the answer than look for it. And I understand some of the guys get frustrated when they have to answer the same question over and over, I'm On Pirate 4x4, cause I do the 4x4 thing too, and trust me after being on that site your skin harden rather quickly, them guy will flame you in a heartbeat, but there is alot of good information there as well, same with this site, there is a wealth of knowledge on the site and in the heads of the members, so Chill just a little, and the info will come, either by someone telling you or telling you where to look.
There is alot of good information out there, believe I have looked and rear so much. I was just looking for something "different", not the airkweld stlye. Thats what I was looking to see. Like a 4 link set up or something. As for the thick skin, I take the bad with the good. Just for my first real post after almost a year then that. I ffind that very degrading and uncalled for. I help any one with any questions they might have in any way shape or form. I build custom stuff all the time, I just need some inspiration not mocking.
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