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Default Re: Rear swing axle air suspension

Originally Posted by Ron burgandy View Post
I was just looking for something "different", not the airkweld stlye. Thats what I was looking to see. Like a 4 link set up or something.
The Airkewld style and similar rear bag set ups are popular because they are simple and fairly easy to do. If you want some inspiration for something different, check out the Flat4rd. While it's not bagged, it could be easily. Here is a quick pic for you.

I am planning on doing something similar but with bags on a future project of mine, but that project is a few years down the list for me.

Now a couple of things for you to think about concerning the "welcome" you got in this thread...

1) Only a small subset of volksrods use airbags.

2) You have been here over a year and have not added anything to any other discussions.

3) When your question had not gotten a response, you posted this "So no one has made there own air suspension set up?' While this may have just been an honest question, it could easily be read with a different tone.

4) You have no idea how many people we have seen on the site that come here and do not contribute anything to the site, but want/demand a response the moment they have a question. Oh and once they have their answer, they are gone again.

So sit back and relax. Get to know the people on here, some of them are really great. Some are fucking assholes. I wish I knew which column I belong to???
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