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Default Re: Rear swing axle air suspension

I'd start looking at rat rods.. I've seen more then a few bagged so they can just slam onto the ground and shoot sparks everywhere. Or even look at what it takes.. then plot it out.

Even if you have to scribble out the plan on a napkin with a crayon it will help.. or use MS paint or something. There's multiple questions you need to ask yourself, like what the hell are you trying to accomplish. I don't know much about air bags but they seem relatively simple.. I'm still a newbie here but I like it here because most of the people have a foot into the wacky unknown.. So if you post a design or an idea I betcha one person would tell you if its gonna work or not.. Or hell if you come up with something that does work.. still post it.. that way if somebody asks the same question we can bash it over their head and direct them your way
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