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Default Re: Rear swing axle air suspension

Air bagged torsion bars? How about if you ground down the inner torsion bar splines so that end would rotate freely? Cut a 3" or so horizontal, by 2" high +or- slot in the torsion bar housing out near the shock mount. The area around the slot could be built up for strength. Modify the torsion bar so a pad (think ping pong paddle shape with gussets from the handle to the round end) could be attached with the bar in place...which would move up and down in the slot. The pad would be for the lower bag. Fabricate an upper bag mount and there you go. Things to watch out for would be welding to the 'bar as it's spring steel, but not impossible for the talent around here.
Of course, this suggestion comes from the guy who runs rear leaf springs and a 9" Ford at the rear of his Single Cab.
As an added (and cheap) incentive, I'll ship a six pack, brand of the builders choice, to the first guy who makes this work!
And now, let the head scratching begin!
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