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Default Re: Rear swing axle air suspension

Ok well I know i don't quite talk on here enough, and am a lurker just like you, but I've been looking into the same thing as you, just to lay out my rod on some bags. To me the rear is a lil more complicated and I haven't fully pulled my idea together, but I will use the heim joint idea with some type of cross brace for my swing axle and just use heim joints. I have a buddy whose done crazy pre-runners to sliding drifting cars and everything in between. It's hard for me to explain the rear.

On the front that's a different story, I'm looking to narrow the beam and just single bag it, no shock towers, and probably look for some knee action shocks to help the ride a bit more. I already run with no shocks up front and don't get me wrong it rides loopy but I don't mind. I am kind of going to go off this idea, I really like the simplicity, as for me it won't be so simple.

Just dropped in with my 2cents I guess lol.
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