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Default Re: Effigy's history

wow, been a while since I posted in this thread..

car was running GREAT, was loving it, nice to be back in my VR again..

I wound up breaking a strap that supports one of the glass packs so I replaced that with the strap shit you use to secure water heaters.. but all was well..

In June I towed it behind a 26' UHaul up to the wife's place in Jackson, California.. drove a couple of days there before noticing a loud clicking sound during turns and feeling the steering "off".. turned out one of the two bolts that holds the steering box clamp had gone AWOL and the other was loose..

I bought a new bolt but couldn't get at it right to replace it, but luckily I found an awesome little single man shop up there who put it back in and tightened everything up for me on the same day for $50.. He actually eliminated ALL freeplay I had, like my steering went from 4-7 inches of freeplay to NONE.. I almost crashed a couple of times on the ride home because I was so used to the steering wheel moving and having to constantly correct my path..

anyway, had the cars shipped to Virginia.. drove it about a week or so out here.. doors are filling up with water due to messed up window scrapers (see other post..) and passenger floor gets wet due to the hole I punched in the firewall to run my fuel line through the heater channel..

The last time I drove it, I checked my oil and saw it was a bit low, so I parked it thinking, "I changed my oil about 1400 miles after rebuild, but I hadn't changed my filter yet, so screw it, i'll change the oil again, change the filter, and be good.."

Well, yesterday I took a look and the water heater tape had broken in the same spot the original strap had broken, so I guess I'm having a vibration issue? oh and 3 out of 4 of my alternator backing plate bolts were gone.. so yeah, guess it's bouncing more than it should be..

Gonna have to buy three more bolts for that, and i'll probably put some lock washers on them.. and replace that strap again, as well as change the oil/filter again..

been crazy busy with work though, and when I want to work on it, it's raining.. I have a garage, but haven't fully finished unpacking/throwing shit away/selling shit, so I can't fit a car in there yet.. :/

Also discovering that the car scene seems to suck out here.. I got spoiled by California.. I was hanging out with one group who met every wednesday at a parking lot, and another group who met every other saturday at a different parking lot.. here I can't find anyone who does meets like that..

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