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Default Re: Is there any info on this ride?

thank you all for the replies.

DrHax you pulled out my favorite pic from that link. We are in full agreement on the lines. The builder kept customizing off in a different direction, I would have called all the major mods done,after that pic, cleaned it up and called it a volksrod (I would have even kept the pillar, the "hardtop" look is cool, but work intensive)

What makes the chop in the picture different from a standard 5in chop? It drops down, pretty much eliminating the back seat, but lines up with the rear clip nicely. I have the basic "how to chop a VW" books, which give the basic step by step how to chop (This I need) but the finished basic chopped VW has different lines. The one in the pic has the lines I would like. Any ideas what was done differently?
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