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Default Re: Effigy's history

Saturday, I did one side at a time, pulled valve covers, rockers, push rods, push rod tubes, then installed JayCee spring loaded tubes and put everything back and set valve lash, changed NGK DCPR8E plugs for NGK DCPR6E's, then yanked the carbs to rebuild them.

Stripped the driver's side carb, let the body sit int he dip for about an hour total, then let the bits and pieces sit in the dip for about 40 minutes.. blew it all dry and began reassembly..

At this point, I had had 2 beers in about 4 hours (was working slow just hanging out in the garage with a friend..) so I know I wasn't drunk, I was just stupid.

I went ot put my new JayCee allen idle jet holders in and completely forgot that there is a rubber o-ring that goes on those..

snugged down the first one.. put the second one in and was using an allen wrench to "snug" it down when I guess I put some retard strength into it, because I sheared the threads off. pulled out the other one, and my "snug" had crushed the idle jet..

So I called it quits for the day.

Spoke to a local guy who was recommended by a friend for being awesome with carbs. He gave me the name of a machine shop up the street that he says might be able to remove what's left of the idle jet screw, oversize the hole, re-thread and make me a plug. Otherwise I gotta buy another carb body, or buy venturis to turn my brand new 48IDF's into 40IDFs..

I swear, its like I subconsciously just don't want to drive it anymore Really bummed/pissed because my parents are visiting from California this week and I wanted to have it running for that, and a car show on the 11th that I was going to enter it in.. doesn't look like either of those will happen now..

oh, and the A-1 exhaust I just got in the mail.. yeah, I put the j-pipes on (left em a little loose), then tried to put the header on, the driver's side, I can manhandle into position, but the passenger side (#2) doesn't line up at all )

I e-mailed ACN asking about it but haven't heard back yet.. After paying $1200 for a hand made exhaust, i expect the fucking thing to fit like a damn glove.

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