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Default Re: Effigy's history

so I spent most of today in the garage/on the driveway, cleaning grease/oil/mouse parts off of the engine..

I had set up my phone to record a time lapse, plugged it into the wall so I wouldn't kill my battery, hit record and went to work..

two hours later I checked it after I finished cleaning the engine and before I started doing some maintenance (valve clearance, rechecking head and case torques, etc..), it had recorded 14 shots, covering the firs 1 minute and 40 seconds I was working..

but yea, got it cleaned up as best I could, started cleaning tins, decided to buy new cylinder tins since one of mine is cracked pretty bad. cleaned those up (they're used old VW ones.. not aftermarket crap..), got a coat of paint drying on them right now.

Then went to tackle my fan rub issue. I used ametal straight edge on the fan edge, and it seems to be flat. slowly spun the alternator without the fan in place and the shaft looks to be spinning straight. put the fan back on and there is an obvious wobble :/

Still not sure if it's fan or alternator :/

any ideas?

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