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Default Re: Effigy's history

So, i discovered last night that I've been severly underestimating Loctite Spray Adhesive (

Nowhere on the can does it say drying time.. I forget what I used when I made my door panels back in 2003 or 2004 or whenever, but that shit took like 90 minutes minimum to dry..

This stuff, i discovered, is good to go after about 10 minutes.. so this whole time, I've been spraying a small section, and giving it almost 2 hours to dry.

Tonight, I finished gluing the driver's panel and got it mostly assembled. the only things left are to attach the armrest and install it int he car. The spray paint on the armrest was still tacky though and it's cold out so I called it a night..

anyway, here's some pics :)

Here's the main panel with all edges glued down:

the back of it:

Gluing the front of the insert:

The insert fully glued (i got carried away with the knowledge that I could glue a section, listen to a song on the radio, and glue the next section instead of going inside for at least an hour, so i kinda forgot to take progress pics..):

Here I had planned on using 8 screws to hold the insert in place, but the forward top middle one something went wrong and I wound up breaking the rivnut, and the rear top middle one just didn't line up exactly right, poor measurement on my part. Passenger side I will drill the holes together instead of trying to line them up afterwards..

I should be ok though because those bigger holes are the armrest, so it should hold the insert on just fine..

and the quasi-finished product:

Like I said, I just have to install the armrest, and then wrestle it into the car and hope the holes for the clips are close enough to line up with the holes in the door.. my original panels that I used as a hole template are factory originals and water damaged and warped to all hell.. there was a lot of pressing them as flat as possible and eyeballing..

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