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Default Re: Effigy's history

Did some more tweaking today.. Got an appointment next thursday to have a shop fine tune my carbs for me. I think my idles are too small. I'm running 52.5's right now, and they have to be two turns out or it doesn't want to start, After it warms up, I can put em in to just about 1.25 turns out, but then once it's cold again it won't start again..

Discovered that the alternator won't charge (or turn off the idiot light anyway..) under 800 rpms, which is fine, that's a reasonable idle speed, it's just hard to maintain a solid idle speed. I think i've got it now, bt once it warms up, it wants to drop to like 600 for some reason, probably just the brand new cable stretching a little i suppose?

Also redid the timing, sitting at 7.5* at 800RPMS and about 27.5 at 3000..

The only other WTF is a weird popping sound.. I'm guessing that it's the exhaust expanding/contracting, but i've never heard it before. I drove about 2 miles to pick up the kid from school, got to the parking lot and shut it off and after about 30 seconds, i heard a thud like someone hit the fender from underneath. another minute or so and another thud. My guess is the exhaust heated up during driving, and then cooled down fast because it's like 50* outside right now..

Does that sound right to anyone or should I look for a different problem?

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