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Default Re: Effigy's history

Finally got a chance to go mess with the bug some more.. I'm a little upset with a local shop, but it's my own fault for being stupid..

I dropped it off with them to tune the carbs, figuring they'd swap jets etc until it ran right.. they instead claim to have synced the carbs, but left my jets alone.. It ran a little better, but didn't start any better in cold weather. and I have no idea what they did, but they charged me for 6.5 hours of labor, which came out to just under $400.. I pretty much got robbed.

In about an hours time today, I jacked up the back end, removed the rear tires, pulled the carbs one at a time, swapped my 52 idles for 60 idles, put it all back, and adjusted mixture screws.

The shop had the mixtures two full turns out, which is where you put them to START.. with the 60 idles, they are now all about 1- 1 1/4 out and it's running a lot better..

oh well, live and learn right? :/ that $400 could have gone towards the digital CHT gauge and sensors I want.. fuck.

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