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Default Re: Last tool you got?

You can never have to many vises, Hammers, & anvils, I just hope some day I can afford a real anvil, but as I mentioned I do have several different sizes of Rail Road Track, 2 were already in the shape of anvils that I found at the scrap yard, they didn't wanna sell them to me until I asked if & where they keep Rail Road Track, he took a second look at the RR Track anvils & noticed they were in fact RR Track, I bought them for $0.19 a pound, the heaviest one weighed just under 50 lbs, the small one was just under 20 lbs, now I have about 6 or 7 pieces of RR Tracks in lengths of 8" long to 30" long, I also have a few pieces of round stock that will make good hammer material, so someday I hope to have a bunch of specialty hammers

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