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Default Re: Last tool you got?

I suppose this fits in here, altho I've had this tool for about 6 years now I just finished assembling it this afternoon, I do need to cut the springs a little shorter but that's it
I should have taken some detailed pictures of it, but the only detail worth a picture was the plate that bolts to the bottom of my 12 ton bottle jack

It bolts to a 2" 2" pieces of square tube, the the has a 1" diameter shaft bolted to the bottom, I can slip larger diameter pieces over it if or when needed

Here is is completely assembled except for the springs, the lower yellow horizontal pieces are adjustable in 4" increments

The total height is 40" the width between the vertical columns is 18" & roughly 18" to 20" between the bottom of the jack & the lower work surface when all the way down

Gonna get its first Jobe sometime between tomorrow & the weekend when I put a front wheel bearing in Trina's car

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