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Nickster that story reminds me of the time I treated my brother and his wife and 4yo daughter to a day at the Royal Show... (You guys call 'em Fairs I think)..
Anyway there was a busker there, (you guys call Them sidewalk performers I think), and his main act was/is sword swallowing... (You calls call that Sword Swallowing too I think)... This guys is actually a friend of my brother and if you check the Guiness Book of World Records under Sword Swallowing, you'll find him in there...
So anyway, He starts his act and does a swallowing routine first with one of those big long balloons that clowns make balloon dogs and stuff like that out of...
Well, and Here's the BIG tip for yuz, a 4 Year Old after a morning of going Hard at the Doughnuts, ice cream, ribs, corn, chips, fairly floss, (you guys call that cotton candy), soft drinks (you guys call that Soda, or Pop) and other assorted Fair Ground Treats.... THE LAST THING you EVER want to DO, is let a 4 Year Old girl with a weak, and Very FULL Stomach, watch a guy doing any sort of show involving swallowing objects...!!!! Particually, when you're standing in a shoulder to shoulder crowd at the fair ground with a child that is elevated, so as to see the show....!!!
I tell ya, it was like a scene from The fuckin' Exorcist, except there was no Priest... How the hell that kid was able to spray vomit like that is still a mystery to me, to this very day... But I gotta tell ya... It took all of an hour for me to finally stop Laughing...!!!
Good times.... funny shit...

But I digress... What did I do...??? I got closer to making a descision about which car I'm gunna use to build what Volksrod...
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