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Originally Posted by Spanish Flea View Post
Cool, sorry for the lame question. I'm interested in mold making, haven't done anything for a foundry, just small silicone stuff.
No sweat. Glad to share what I know.

Spent some more time getting the patterns ready. Will post some pics tomorrow....almost ready.

I also spent some time working out the bolted connection between the two pieces. I drilled a through hole and a countersunk hole for the bolt in the base and then drilled and tapped the upper piece. Bolted it all together and it works good.

I will get some better pictures of the various details.

I also tried out a potential finish for it. I painted it black and then sanded off the paint from the surface of the cog wheel and the "VOLKSRODS". Really makes it pop. I am thinking I might powdercoat it and then sand and polish some of the surfaces.
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